Secure auditing solutions

Protect your users and demonstrate your commitment to security with Nethermind’s comprehensive blockchain security audits. We help identify vulnerabilities in your Solidity and Cairo smart contracts.


Fortifying applications in the Ethereum and Starknet ecosystems

Our team of auditing specialists perform in-depth security assessments to help you maintain confidence in the safety of your smart contracts.

We provide both one-time audits or continual security reviews, utilizing an agile, hands-on approach to detect critical issues, remediating vulnerabilities, and minimize risks. Leverage our expertise to protect your applications in the ever-evolving Ethereum and Starknet ecosystems.

Benefits of our audit process

At Nethermind, we adopt an agile approach, meaning our team can deliver value quickly, and with complete process transparency. You'll be invited to participate actively throughout the auditing process. We maintain regular communication with our clients through scheduled sync calls, providing progress updates, and descriptions of discovered bugs.

Reduced idle time

Rather than waiting for the final audit report, the client receives partial reports throughout the process, enabling code corrections while the audit is still in progress.


Regular sync calls provide clients with full visibility into our auditing process. Our clients deserve to know how the audit is progressing every step of the way. No black boxes.

Close client collaboration

We unlock time efficiencies while conducting the audit. A collaborative client relationship allows us to rapidly evaluate and understand the smart contracts and increases the quality of the audit report.

Leveraging in-house expertise

Our auditors will work in tandem with our engineers to detail your protocol's vulnerabilities and to propose a robust resolution.


Lines of code audited by Nethermind Security since 2022


Vulnerabilities found in Cairo and Solidity smart contracts


of suggested remedies immediately implemented

Team background

Currently, 40% of the team members hold a Ph.D. They have published a combined 145+ articles and scientific papers in world-class conferences and journals. They have accumulate 1,300+ citations in Google Scholar in the fields of Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. Lastly, the most senior engineers have one decade of teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science.

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