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We are a blockchain research and software engineering company empowering enterprises and developers worldwide to build on decentralized systems.

Our mission

At Nethermind, our mission is to deliver pioneering research and development that enable accessible, transparent and borderless economic and governance systems. We believe in the power of decentralized solutions and are dedicated to fostering the growth of Ethereum, Starknet, and the entire blockchain industry.

Builders above all

Our work touches every part of the web3 ecosystem, from layer 1 and layer 2 engineering, cryptography research, and security to application-layer protocol development. As core contributors to Ethereum's development, our execution layer client plays an important role in advancing the network, and we actively collaborate with the broader Ethereum community. Within the Starknet ecosystem, we deliver infrastructure and developer resources, including a node implementation, a block explorer and API platform, and plugins for Starknet builders.

We offer strategic support to our institutional and enterprise partners across blockchain, digital assets, and DeFi. Our team is equipped to guide you through all stages of the research and development process, from initial concepts to successful implementation.

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Our engineers and analysts specialize in tackling challenging projects that require high-level problem-solving skills. Check out our open positions if you too are drawn to the most complex problems in the blockchain.

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