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Join Nethermind's remote-first, close-knit crew of builders and tech professionals. Enjoy flexible hours while delivering world-class blockchain solutions and tools to clients and developers across the globe. Apply now and take part in shaping the future of the blockchain landscape.

What are we all about?

Nethermind unites over 220+ professionals worldwide, playing their part to unlock the potential of decentralized systems. Our remote-first, tightly-knit teams consist of experts in their fields, dedicated to tackling blockchain's toughest problems. As a company, we focus on finding challenging, ambitious and potentially ground-breaking projects, supporting them throughout their lifespan and often through times of uncertainty.

What to expect when working at Nethermind?

Through close collaboration with developer communities and crypto-native companies you'll have the opportunity to work on impactful projects that contribute to the Ethereum and Starknet infastructure, including the Nethermind Ethereum execution client, our Solidity-to-Cairo compiler, the decentralization of Lido’s validator set, and smart contract formal verification and auditing. You’ll get a chance to bridge TradFi and DeFi by working on state-of-the-art Blockchain as a Service solutions and technical due diligence for institutional clients. Above all, you'll team up with top engineers, researchers, and developers who are passionate about their work and committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain space.

Our Engineering and Research teams

Nethermind's expertise spans the entire blockchain ecosystem, encompassing layer 1 and layer 2 engineering, cryptography, MEV innovations, security solutions, and application-layer development.

Additionally, our work extends to providing strategic support to institutional and enterprise partners within the DeFi, digital assets, and TradFi sectors.

Blockchain Core Engineering

DevOps & Infrastructure

Nethermind Security

Nethermind Research

Starknet & L2 Tooling

Dapps &  Enterprise Engineering


Team members










Team members

More reasons to join Nethermind

Remote working

Choose when and where to work. Nethermind embraces a fully remote culture.

Global team

Connect with our globally-distributed team of 220+ members in 55 countries.

Crypto or fiat

Opt for crypto or fiat pay–it’s your choice!


Share in ownership as we shape the onchain future.

Professional growth

Access expert mentorship, and upskilling courses to advance your career growth.

In-person meetups

Meet and catch up with team members at crypto events around the world.

Hiring process


Application review


First interview


Technical test


Final interview



Please note that our hiring process may slightly differ between teams. The Internship Program consists of an application review, followed by a first and second interview (with no testing stage) and an offer.

Our open roles

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Pimlico is hiring

Pimlico is building the infrastructure layer that powers Ethereum's transition to smart contract wallets. Nethermind's close collaboration with Pimlico has allowed us to support them in their pursuit to level up the UX of web3. Check out their open positions to work on the toughest account abstractions problems in Ethereum.

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Lots of passion but limited experience?

If you are interested in working with us, but have limited experience in your desired field yet, we are more than happy to help you with your first steps.

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