Data Marketplace

On-chain, Secure Payments with Trusted Data Providers

The Nethermind Data Marketplace (NDM) is a protocol that creates a subnetwork within Ethereum to handle data delivery directly between parties running NDM-supporting nodes. NDM allows data consumers to discover data providers and uses a smart contract to facilitate on-chain, secure payments in exchange for data. Its unique built-in reputation and data delivery protocol minimises the amount of on-chain transactions with very low counterparty risk.

Data made simple

No need for banks, credit cards, illiquid tokens or complex exchanges. NDM operates on Ether, the native currency of the world’s biggest decentralised computing platform - Ethereum. Why complicate? It’s ETH-simple.

P2P and secure

Data is fully encrypted and streams directly between providers and consumers. There are no middlemen or third party servers.

Fully scalable model

We keep on-chain transactions to a minimum, as data flows from peer to peer. Given the current mainnet state, we estimate* 1.25 million data delivery contracts could be handled per month - one of the few projects on Ethereum that can currently scale.

Easy to get started

The NDM’s UI comes in one package with the Nethermind Ethereum client and built-in wallet integration for signing transactions - all you need to hit the ground running. During the first run, a guide will be displayed to show you what can be done with Nethermind Data Marketplace.

Support and consulting

We’re here for you. In addition to maintaining and improving the software, we offer support and consulting services tailored to your needs. For inquiries on the solutions we can offer, just contact us.

The NDM is Perfect for Data-driven Business Models, such as


Businesses working with on-chain data who need fast, robust syncing and multiple transaction-tracing mechanisms


Traders operating on the Ethereum network

Hedge funds

Hedge funds and family offices entering the crypto space